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October 3, 2011

There is truly only one way to find cheap textbooks on a regular basis and that is to use a price comparison service. Yes, occasionally you can find a free textbook online, borrow a copy from the library or score one at a local book exchange but most the time you’ll need to buy or rent the book from a textbook company. This is where cheap textbooks and using a price comparison service come together. A good example is a site called cheap– This easy-to-use site packs a lot of information that it pulls from over 50 online booksellers. The site shows who has the cheapest rental prices; the cheapest used prices; the cheapest new prices; e-book digital download prices; and even international edition pricing. They can also get you quotes for your books when it comes time for buyback. They even have versions of their price comparison tool that runs on Android, iPad and iPhone.

cheap college textbooks price comparison site


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