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Cheap Books for College

October 8, 2011

A how-to video that looks at three websites that offer help finding cheap books for college

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  • Major Libraries Join Controversial Project to Publish 'Orphan' Books … – Several libraries today pledged to follow the University of Michigan's lead in making available on their campuses digital copies of books whose copyright holders cannot be found to ask for permission. The libraries are all part of the HathiTrust consortium that places digital copies of books into a shared online repository. At least one publishing official has called the orphan works plan illegal, but the libraries clearly feel they are operating within copyright law.

  • Despite Booming eReader and eBook Sales, Many Students Still … – Campus Technology reported last week that although the eReader market experienced a dramatic increase in sales during the last holiday season, the e-textbook market has yet to feel the boom. Companies specializing in e-textbooks, …


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