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Buying Cheap Textbooks

December 11, 2011

Money + money + money + more money = What most people spend on books. I graduated from high school this past May and am about to start college this fall. For the past week, I have found myself in this treacherous process of buying cheaptextbooks for my college classes. I remembered that my college told me to expect to pay about $800 for my books. I ignored the thought at first, but as I began searching around for my books, I soon realized that most people could very easily pay that much money for their books this fall.

However, I have found that with some work, and careful research, you can save money on your books. For example, I spent $345, compared to the $800 I was supposed to be spending. While $300 is still a good amount of money, I believe it is much better than $800. Although I did have to spend more time investigating books and prices and websites and shipping info, etc, I believe it was worth it. So how about you? Would you like to learn how you can save nearly 50% on your books this school year? Keep reading to learn about how to find textbooks at a cheaper price.

First of all, I recommend going to Fetchbook. Fetchbook is a website that searches bookstores all over the web to make a list of the places selling your books. All you do is type in the ISBN and then Fetchbook brings up a page that show you who is selling that book and for how much (including estimated shipping prices). Another useful item to find the cheapest items on the web is the “Invisible Hand” Google Chrome app. If you use Google Chrome, I high recommend this app. It will display a bar across the top your page when you are searching for products that will show you the cheapest places that you can find the product you are searching for.

Second of all, make sure to check around a bit, even if you are using Fetchbook. I found Fetchbook to be accurate, but it never hurts to double check. Check on sites like eBay,, Amazon, Chegg, and Abebooks. Sometimes you can get free shipping if you order so many on one site, so keep that in mind, as well. After you have done a thorough search (which, admittedly, will take a good bit of time), you should find that you have really found the best deals. Doesn’t it just feel good to see the other prices that people are charging for books and to realize that you didn’t have to pay that? And it wasn’t even illegal!

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