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January 30, 2012

I feel that there since Internet shopping is expanding so rapidly, why not make a biweekly advice column aged toward college students, and help them make thrifty decisions when purchasing online, because let’s face it college students do not usually have a lot of disposable income.

Now that it is back to school time, I figured that my first Internet advice would be catering to purchasing college textbooks online. Now, many people already go out and spend 400 or 500 dollars on their books. That is just fine, if you mind getting ripped off by the monopolistic book companies. What if I told you that you could save roughly half that and not even have to leave the confines of your own apartment or dorm room.

The website that I have had the best luck with is is basically a company that is owned by e-bay. Now, I know that many of you may have had some bad luck and problems with e-bay. is much smoother in the transaction process, than is e-bay. Some of you made not enjoy having to use paypal and having to set up an account there, and let’s face it is not really user-friendly to use. Also, the problem with e-bay is that you have to bid for things and face it, sometimes you do not always win. Lastly, you may have thought that you got a really good deal and then you are ripped off when it comes to the shipping charges and end up spending just as much as would have spent in a store or possibly even more. really makes the transaction process a lot easier than eBay. The first great thing is that a paypal account is not needed, you can pay with a major credit or debit card and you do not have to worry about paying the person, because is basically a middle man and they pay the person once you have given them your credit card information. Also, with there is no bidding, everything you view you can purchase right then. Lastly, shipping for each textbook is only 3 or 4 dollars and most of them are shipped with several days.

So, going back to the above example how much can you actually save on Well, as above stated you should expect to spend somewhere between 400 or 500 dollars for textbooks at your local college bookstore. If your purchase your books on, you can save roughly 40-50% and maybe even more if you opt to purchase some soft cover as opposed to hardcover.

Most colleges give you your recommended textbooks a few weeks and maybe a month before your semester starts. Usually, you are given an ISBN, author, and a title. The best thing to use is the ISBN, and you just go to and type the ISBN into where it ask for it and you get a selection of like books. The books are sorted by quality and the price of the books. Be sure and make sure that you are purchasing hardcover if that’s what you want and make sure that you are getting the right edition. A good way to be sure of this is go online to your local bookstore and they should have a list of classes and you choose your class and a picture of the book should appear. Make sure that the picture from your local college bookstore matches that of the one that is on, and then if you want go ahead and purchase the book. Hopefully, this information on cheap textbooks is helpful and you will gain some extra disposable income that you can spend on something else.

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