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Cost of College Textbook And What Needs to Change

July 23, 2012

Why the heck does a 2 in. heap of paper cost money-strapped college kids tons of greenbacks?  While we will argument about the overhead of running a publishing system that needs plenty of brokers, editors, etc, the price of textbooks is undeniably not due to the dead trees needed to print the books. For that reason, praying that eTextbooks will answer the problem is impractical thinking : they won’t make the ‘system’ of a sizeable textbook publisher disappear.

The 1st Problem : Cost
The price and format of textbooks ( and eTextbooks ) also creates a completely new set of issues for scholars. Most significantly, scholars will really try and get thru a course without purchasing the textbook.  A survey from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group discovered that seven in ten college kids have skipped purchasing a textbook one or more times thanks to the cost! It’s not surprising that scholars come to this call when their textbook bill comes to a mean of $561 each semester.

That Leads To : Lower  Priorities
When scholars make the choice they are not going to purchase a textbook for a course, it instantly sets the scene for their future concerns with that course.  The textbook isn’t sticking out of their bag regularly, sitting on their desk, or being lugged around in their arms to remind them of their dedication to learn.  That course then starts to slip in their minds.  The courses they went and did buy the textbook for start to cast a shadow over their dedication to the course with the expensive textbook. Not to mention that in our modern world Twitter, Facebook, and WOW, look lots more fascinating than a course with a textbook that wasn’t bought. Actually scholars already spend more than double the quantity of time on leisure and work related activities than they spend on educational activities. In brief if your course has an expensive textbook you can be totally certain than an enormous part of your class won’t buy the book that leads to them being likelier to lower the emphasis of your course.

Self-published Course Packs to the Answer!
This explains why faculty like Dr.  John  Weird  at the  School  of South Alabama have resorted to digital course packs. He teaches his EDM 310 class on bloogspot and makes all the class materials available in posts.  The students’ course material costs are seriously reduced and the course is continually at the very top of their mind in the shape of tweets, mails, a posts the same scholars have been doing in the place of studying a textbook! This explains why we started Ginkgotree. Instead of having to utilise a blog, tutors ought to have an easy tool specially designed to make course packets. In addition, while the interest is completely full of free content, there are always likely to be times that copyrighted materials must be utilized in a course.  So we built in copyright clearance.  For approximately $.10 per page, teachers can include parts of a book, a book article, or paper article in their course packs.We are a bootsrapped start up of 4 building a cooperative course packet tool that may enfranchise teachers everywhere to simply publish course materials to their scholars digitally, socially, and at a radically reduced charge. Wish to get on board when we launch? Contact us!


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