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Textbook Options for Students

August 29, 2012

Each  student has to discover ways to get their hands on textbooks they require for their classes each semester.  Purchasing  new books can cost thousands of greenbacks, and is extraordinarily unrealistic particularly if you’ll be utilising the book for a single semester  only. Fortunately, there are several options for scholars to get school books without going broke.

One of the most well-liked options is for scholars to buy old university textbooks.  Purchasing  used books is less expensive than purchasing new ones – they can be acquired at half ( or less ) of their original cost.

Some campus bookstores offer second hand books ; try your local bookstores, as well. You may also scour the internet for sites that sell used university books, like  Each e-bookstore price their books differently, so be certain to compare costs and condition of the books before choosing to buy. You can rent books to avoid injuring your pocket too much each semester.

Thru  renting you’ll only need to pay a small fraction of the price of a new book. Additionally, scholars don’t need to stress about selling back their books at the end of the semester. Just be sure to avoid highlighting and / or writing on the pages of the book.

If the rental company deems the book unrentable due to exorbitant writing / highlighting, you could be certain to pay the full cost of the book.  If you truly want to purchase new university textbooks, your old ones will help you raise money for your acquisition.  Sell your old books and earn fast money for buying the new set of books you now  need.  You can sell them to local book, or sell them online (,,, etc ).  Or you can hold a garage sale if you have got a bunch of books. Come up with ideas on the right way to price your books online so that you won’t finish up selling them at too high or too low a cost.  Student-to-student purchases are cheap also.  Try posting a press release on your campus student bulletin-board saying that you will need to buy, lease, or sell certain university textbooks.  Since you are studying in the same university or college, there’s a sufficient likelihood that there are more scholars who might have an interest in purchasing your books, selling their old books to you, or trading books with you.

Jules Mariano is a full-time freelance search engine and social media  marketing specialist and a web developer specializing in web content  development. He is the co-founder of VPRO Digital Marketing. He currently writes  for BookGator.

BookGator is a social platform where students, instructors, and student  interest groups can work together to reduce cost of textbooks and education in general. Visit their site to learn  more about how to buy  textbooks without spending too much.



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