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College students still favor old-school textbooks

September 12, 2012

For a plugged-in generation, varsity youngsters have traditional tastes in textbooks.  Even as more publishers offer the selection of purchasing electronic books for classes, scholars would prefer to lug around published textbooks.  “We have revealed that digital textbooks are still not as well liked by students,” asserted Charles Schmidt, spokesperson for the Nation’s organisation of  College  Stores.  While the cost of electronic books can be sixty % to seventy p.c of the paper version, a NACS poll revealed that 74 p.c of scholars still desire print. That is due to the fact that most electronic books are PDF files of the print book, and hiring the paper version is still less expensive, declared Schmidt.  “People don’t really want to just see a PDF on a screen.

They are  asking : ‘Where’s my interactive video?  Where are my widgets?'” declared Vineet Madan, senior VP of new ventures at McGraw-Hill Education.

Scholars  are used to handling content online, and a plain screen is not really worth the cash, specialists expounded.  “If it’s more interactive they are going to see that added worth and say : ‘Yeah, we’re going to pay more for that,'” Schmidt asserted.  Also professors’ likes are a big element and they hold a large amount of sway, declared Schmidt.  “The average professor isn’t comfortable” with electronic books, he announced.  “The youngsters are extremely susceptible to that.”.

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