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Minnesota University Student Finds Trick To Textbook Savings

December 26, 2012

Are you worrying about coughing up big bucks for next semester’s books?  So was I till I realized that you are able to save masses of greenbacks on the web.  I went surfing and searched for a needed Spanish textbook and found it for $3.

The  College  of Minnesota  Bookstore wished to sell it to me for $40 out of my pocket.  Now, professors are making  Varsity  versions of textbooks and point you to believe you can only get them at the book shop.  This occurred to me, and the sole conspicuous difference between the  College  copy and a copy from the Web was that one had the University’s name imprinted on the cover. Additionally, regularly the sole differences between earlier and new editions of textbooks are minute and trivial.  Is there a genuine need for these consistently updated editions? Most frequently, no, I don’t think so.  It is simply a way for corporations to make profits off us subservient scholars.  Use the Web.  Candidly , any internet site you find which has your book likely has it less expensive than the book stores here at the  school. They do not call us “broke varsity students” for nothing.

Get your books on the web.  It has saved me loads of greenbacks so far.



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