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Can e-Textbooks Savings Pay For Your iPad?

February 26, 2013

Just came across a great article by Tom Kaneshige on recovering the cost of buying an iPad with the savings on e-textbook prices. Tom Asks:

If a student spends $1,000 per year on printed textbooks and recoups 16% on sellback, and a 16GB iPad (Wifi only) costs $500 with e-textbooks costing 60% less than printed textbooks with no sellback value, and only 32% of the needed textbooks are available as e-textbook, how long before the iPad pays for itself?

Answer: It’ll take you around three-and-a-half years to recoup the cost of the iPad solely from e-textbook savings.

Cheap e-textbooks are slowly making their way to colleges, but e-book savings are only one of many good reasons for undergrads to be packing an iPad. Hopefully, time to return on investment will shorten as more universities and educational publishers get on board with e-textbooks. It’s important to remember that the iPad offers a lot more benefits to the college-bound student than just e-book savings. After all, every college kid
needs a computer. It wasn’t that long ago when students were moving from MacBooks to cheap netbooks, and now the iPad is replacing netbooks.

Tom continues by pointing out that not only is the iPad easier to carry around campus, critical productivity apps such as GoodReader and Apple iWork cost only a few bucks. Students can surf the Web for research, manage assignments and class schedules, email homework, take notes and record lectures, and take advantage of a host of learning app tools for reading, writing, math, science, history, art, among other subjects.

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