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Students create textbook buyback program via Facebook

March 26, 2013

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A group of scholars were unhappy with the campus bookstore’s textbook buyback program, so they started BooksDore as a system for Vanderbilt scholars to sell and buy textbooks.  BooksDore is a Facebook group devoted to providing a simpler way for scholars to get the textbooks they want without “breaking the bank.” “Students are getting ripped off by a 3rd party by going through the bookstore,” Nicole Zenkel, founder of BooksDore, related.  “With the amount that folk are spending on their textbooks, they are receiving so very little back that scholars are wasting a large amount of cash, and that is sort of silly because we are already paying so much in university fees. We would like to help scholars find alternative routes they can buy and sell their textbooks, and purchasing textbooks from one another can save lots of money.” Before beginning BooksDore, the team surveyed scholars to learn more about their…

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