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Website allows students to rent out textbooks and earn money

May 5, 2013


A new web site permits scholars to earn money hiring out their textbooks to scholars across the country. Based out of Ogden, Utah permits scholars to send in their used textbooks so as to lease them out to scholars in need. Founder and Chief Executive of Campus Book Rentals, Alan Martin, had just completed his undergrad in 2007 when he thought about the idea for the company. “I was a standard broke university student, no grants or anything like that,” Martin related. The Director announced that his experience trying to come out quits selling textbooks influenced him to form a site catered to the requirements of scholars. “We are a corporation started by scholars, close to who they may be and what they do,” Martin claimed. The company lets scholars send in their used textbooks to one of their warehouses at no charge then posts the book on their web site for other scholars to use. “The student will never spend in the red, not a penny ever,” Martin related.

Unless the coed is leasing one of the books in the corporation’s catalogue, scholars hiring out their books will be earning money, not spending it. But the company does take their cut. Campus Book Rentals gets $19 of a book’s price to cover shipping and the remainder of the cash goes to the coed who sent in the book. “We declared ‘Why don’t we let the scholar own the book?’ Then they can hire it to extract a handful of cash,” Martin recounted. At any point the scholar can request their book be despatched back to them. A book’s price is dependent on the book and how in demand it is. Martin expounded there’s a process the company runs to help set the price. So long as the book is in demand a student can continue leasing it out.

For scholars sending in books there is a 5 star rating system which lets them see the requirement for their book. The bigger the number the bigger the demand is.

“It’s fundamentally what quantity of money they are going to make over time,” Martin related.

The Director further said that there’s a routine for the rating system. Sciences and general education courses for freshman and sophomores like public presenting are among the hottest books.

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