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Students get more for their old textbooks

September 6, 2013

A specialist comparison site is giving students the chance to sell their  unwanted textbooks at the best possible prices by providing access to offers  from a range of online stores. Sell Textbooks 4 More enables students to  quickly determine which retailers are willing to pay the most for each textbook,  enabling them to maximize on the amount of money that they make on each of their  unwanted books.

Many students have now started their new semesters at college and some will  have textbooks from last semester that they no longer need. This means that  these books will be left lying around in their rooms or homes. Many students  decide to take their unwanted books to the local bookstore to try and get some  money back on them. However, some may find that they receive a very low  valuation on their books and only get back a tiny fraction of what they  paid.

By using the service from Sell Textbooks 4 More, students can see at a glance which bookstores are willing the pay the most for each of their unwanted textbooks. The service is very simply to use and students simply have to enter the ISBN of the book to view a listing of retailers that will buy it and how much each one is willing to pay. Students can then decide where they want to sell their books based on the amount that they will get for them. The service can be accessed via the company website at


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