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Cheap Textbooks – A Mission Possible

April 4, 2015


Cheap textbooks are possibly a parody as they usually contribute to major expenses in the process of pursuing academic excellence. This starts from pre-schooling and stretches into primary, intermediate as well as into tertiary levels and beyond. Strangely, with the advent of technology, one would assume that a simple download of the latest edition of a book should suffice. Instead of carting around a healthy as well as heavy-laden bag of books, the weight to be borne would only be the laptop or whatever gadget of one’s choice. Expenses are also kept to a more controllable figure in terms of cost to download a copy of said text. As sites may also offer book sales in the form of free downloads of e-books as well as online access via registered accounts, this thus adds a cherry on top.

Unfortunately, that is not how reality in the education system portrays itself. More often than not, students are required to lug around backpacks filled to the brim with books and more books. In order to juggle domestic expenses with educational needs, parents and caregivers have to source for channels in obtaining cheap textbooks. The usual avenue of choice is obviously hand-me-downs from older siblings or contacts who have enjoyed using new and crisp copies. Assuming pages are relatively intact with minimal dog-earing outcome, these then go through the same academic cycle for the younger siblings.

If recycling is not an option, keep a watchful eye for book sales especially in gargantuan or warehouse quantities. As in any principles of economics, any time supply exceeds demand, price is normally reduced to clear stock. Since local bookstores tend to keep smaller quantities at hand, they may not be able to offer such attractive prices. Prices offered on the internet can also be very competitive. It is recommended to make some sort of comparison in order to conclude on an informed decision on whether to make an online or offline purchase. In all, doing some shopping around non-peak times may be ideal to score some good deals as prices may rise just before the school year commences.

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