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Review of Cheap-Textbooks Price Comparison Search Engine

July 26, 2015

Nearly all college students will tell you how ridiculously expensive text books can be. It makes the added cost of trying to live and study without a full-time job so much harder. To minimize the burden of taking out big loans or just stop the gradual decay of your hard earned savings, you need to try and cut back on costs wherever you can. The first place you should start is making sure your buying or renting out the cheapest text books. They usually way over priced and you can save potentially hundreds of dollars if you spent some time researching and comparing. is an all-in-one online solution for comparing and ultimately finding the cheapest price location for any specified college text books across all the main retail chain of textbooks including online stores such as Amazon or The friendly user interface is going to save you hours of scouring the internet looking for the best deal in college text books. Below is a breakdown of the main features for comparing text book prices at Cheap-Textbooks.

Comparing text books prices

The home page of the website has a link that goes to the text book price comparison search engine page. At this page you can enter into the search box the title, author or ISBN number of the book and then click on the search button. The search engine will then return a tabulated list of results based on your search term. You then select from the list of books the one book you are after for a direct price comparison by just clicking on “Get Pricing” button at the last column on the right in the book search result details. When you get to the next screen (which is very quick) you will see a list of merchants that are selling the cheapest textbook you are after.

The tabulated list will show each of the merchants current book price and a separate price for the cost of shipping. It then has another column for the total price for the book. There is also a link that you click on which takes you to merchant’s ‘shopping cart’ page (with the item you want already added) where you can then proceed to checkout and pay for the item. So this simple process means you are buying the cheapest option at any given time for a text book in less than 4 or 5 clicks (depending on the payment process at the merchants website).

Get Buy Back Quotes

Rather than throwing out text books when the course is done, it makes sense that you sell your books rather than starting from scratch and forking out even more money. It makes sense to buy the next batch of your books with using the ‘Buy Back Quotes’ search function found on the The user simply enters the ISBN number into the get quote text box field and clicks on “Get Quotes” and a list of Merchants will appear that have their price quote and link to the merchants website page to sell it back.

Coupons and Free Text Books

You can also get further savings and get cheap textbooks with up-to-date list of text book discount coupons codes. There is a list of the latest coupons codes for redeeming at the page text book coupons which lists all the top retailers such as Amazon, AbeBooks, Barnes & Noble and Alibris. also have a page that has an exclusive list of online sites to get open source free collage text books. It’s a great guide for saving even more money.

So to conclude you’ll find comparison pricing as well as finding the cheapest text books at You also have the option of selling your book as the easiest and most efficient way to pick up some great savings on text books anywhere on the internet. also have a free app for Android devices which is the website made into a user friendly version of the main website which works great for smart phones and tablets – perfect for viewing at any time or any place.


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