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College Tips – How to Eat Healthy In College

May 7, 2016

Now is the best time to eat healthy. You may not know it, but your eating habits are directly related to your moods. Have you noticed how brain heavy you felt, right after bingeing on a pack of junk food? Or for some reason, the last carbo-loading meal you had left, you feeling bloated and unable to focus.

Try grabbing an apple on your next dining hall trip. After three or more bites, almost half of your snack hunger will be satisfied. It’s because fruits have naturally filling ingredients, while most processed foods may contain unhealthy, genetically engineered ingredients to keep you wanting more.

Start making well-informed decisions with what you eat. Here are some handy ideas to get started on a healthy food-munching path:

Ask for College Tips from Your Dietician

While it may just be easy to wing things and eat more salads in every meal, a nutrition specialist can give you the best advice on the specific food items which your body exactly needs. Check if your family doctor can refer a dietician or if your college has one.

A dietician will be in the best position to teach you on how to eat healthy in college. After considering your health conditions and lifestyle, you can ask for a meal plan, which fits you. This way, you’ll have better chances of reaping the best nutrients out of every food you eat.

List up Your Go-To Healthy Food Stores

So you’re having a pasta themed party at your dorm. This does not mean you’ll have to break a good cycle you’ve already begun, from the college tips and meal plans prepared by your nutritionist. Keep cool and buy some healthy trail mixes, carrot sticks with dips or sugar-free cookies. Get these from your previously canvassed healthy stores nearby. Place them in jars or other creatively packaged containers. When you come to the party, place your healthy food items to blend with the other stash of munchies on the table.

Nibble on a few of the other foods, while still having a reasonable amount of servings of the healthy food you brought. These few college tips can keep you present in the social scene with like-minded people, without forgetting the essentials of healthy eating.

Occasionally Spoil yourself

It’s understandable. Binge eating can be a hard habit to break, especially for those still starting out on how to eat healthy in college. Sometimes, you can’t help but seek the comforting feels of fast food.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you feel really bad after a long day and just want to sink into the abyss of comfort food (regardless of their nutritional value), then do so. Just be sure this happens only once or four times in a month, and make the extra effort to bounce back towards healthy eating once more.

These are just a few of the must-include ideas on how to eat healthy in college. You’ll always be what you eat, so be sure to combine the most nutritious staples in your diet today.

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