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Ways to Lower Textbook Prices

September 27, 2017
  • Textbooks may be available through the town’s local libraries or through vast library networks.
  • Students can email their professors or teaching assistants at the beginning of the term to ask if there is flexibility in using a previous edition of a textbook, which might be found at a cheaper price.
  • Sometimes professors make arrangements for textbooks to be held as reference books in the college library.
  • Before students buy workbooks or study guides that sometimes accompany the textbooks, they should check with their professor, first, to see if they are absolutely necessary.
  • Facebook or other online groups where fellow students list books and dorm supplies they are buying or selling, may offer textbook bargains.
  • Roommate or others in the same class can sometimes share a textbook. And friends who have bought a textbook the previous semester may be willing to share or sell their textbooks.
  • To seek out the best prices for a book (to buy or to sell) from a range of booksellers  take a look at
  • A small number of books may be available through “open source” licenses which gives students the rights to download or print books free of charge or at a very low-cost. OpenStax (Rice University) is among the largest providers of open source books supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other philanthropists.

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